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Yours Forever Part 2 : The Letter

Two days back, I had decided to unveil a story that I wrote by myself. I am happy that my visitors did like its first part and bothered themselves to leave a comment down there. Also, many people told me personally that the first part was really interesting and they are looking forward to the next one. Today, I am gonna share its second part. But before I proceed, I Thank all of those people who chiseled their some time out for the story, read it and liked it. Thank you so much. It matters a lot for a writer (I am a Freelancer too :) ).

For those who haven't read the part 1 yet, I'd highly recommend to read it first because a story is like a chain and one missing link simply can not complete it. You won't feel properly connected to the story line. So here is the Yours Forever Part 1: Shattering Dreams. On clicking, a new tab will open to facilitate the reading so that you don't have to go back and forth for the Parts 1 and 2 on the same tab.

Part 1 at a glance: Sanchit had told his wife Diya about the other woman that he had started to like. This brought a major turbulence in their married life. Diya got hurt and stopped talking to him. One week later, she found her husband was gone without telling her in advance. Right there, she grew highly insecure and very lonely. She started crying when she found a piece of paper under the pillow. It was Sanchit's letter for her. She started to read it.

And this part finished right there. Now comes the second one. What would be in the letter? Had Sanchit really left his wife behind? What sort of twist and turn the letter will bring? Satisfy your all the questions by reading Sanchit's letter below. There are many tiny things about their life in the letter that gradually created a subtle crack in their relationship. Little, tiny-winy things are the biggest events to take care about if someone really wants to make a relationship to work forever. I hope you will enjoy this part too.

Part 2: The Letter 

Dear Diya,

I know I have hurt you a lot. I curse myself for this. But trust me. It was never my intention to betray you. I love you more than anything in this world. But one way love makes the relationship difficult to survive. I have been trying to tell you the reason behind my betrayal but you have shut down your ears for me. I waited patiently in the anticipation that you may think of the reason yourself regarding what went wrong in our five years of married life but it didn’t happen. I wanted to tell you the actual scenario but I didn’t get any chance last week. After suffering and cursing myself a lot and seeing you in enormous pain, I am pouring my heart in this letter for you to understand the things which should have been done from the early stage of our married life. I don’t say you are wrong. It’s just the way I felt our relationship should have been pictured like this. I hope you will understand my feelings written in here in words.

When we got married, we both had so many dreams for our future like any other couple. Initial years of our marriage flown away immersed in our over flowing love. It was so nice being with you all the time that I am still not able to describe. I used to wait to come back home from the office as soon as possible, only to be with you Diya. You have always been the pivotal force of my life around which my own life kept circling. Initial years were ecstatic. Gradually came the stage where the length of physical love descended and next stage of life arrived- the stage of mature love. Nonetheless mature relationship has all the childlike giggles but still, it needs a grown up love. I mean, our love had now reached to the stage where we had to concentrate more on understanding each other. It’s not easy to understand the people who have just entered into your life few years ago. But if you give your 100% dedication, it’s not that tough too to achieve and you know this.

Issues came to spark when you started to complain about so many things. Trivial things started to tickle your mind and the number of discussions grew more as the time went by. These discussions turned slowly into arguments; softer ones to louder ones. There are so many incidents to tell but without going much into details, I’d like to remind you a few for sure; just to clear my point in front of you not to prove you wrong.

You were not so much fond of cooking. Initially I adjusted with this fact and helped you to learn it. You showed interest earlier but I don’t know why you lost it gradually. I didn’t say anything, thinking you might pick your interest back after some time but to no avail. We kept surviving eating quick snacks like noodles, fried items and mostly outside food. You had been in this comprehension that I have always liked such sort of foods up to a limited extent only. I tried for several times to explain it to you but you were just living up to your own comfort. You still do the same.

Second big thing that hurt me is, when you depend so much on me for doing household errands. It’s not like I don’t want to help you but I also lead professional life along with the personal one. I need some rest too. In the morning, you insist me to make something for breakfast and when I am back at home, I find stuffs sprawled all over the place. Everybody loves to live into a tidy house. I get tired after spending a hectic day in the office but still I didn’t complain anything. Rather, I tried hard to manage. I also tried to make you understand my point. You never liked the idea of doing any job. Instead, you sit all time at home doing nothing. It’s not a problem to me but I wanted you to do your own part of duties. You kept arguing you miss me so much that you didn’t feel like to do any work after I leave for the office. Such reason sounds cosy and sweet initially but later on, other very obvious expectations grow along. Your expectations also grew up for which I always tried to meet at every stage. Be it your shopping sprees, frequent visits to your mummy’s place, friends’ parties or spending time with me; I always understood your demands and did my best to meet them as much as I could.

Third thing which hurt me most is; your temperament towards anything. May be it is my fault too to keep you very pampered all the time but you are my wife and I love you with all of my heart. It is my responsibility to keep you happy as much as I can. But throughout these issues, I felt your love for me was lost somewhere. If I didn’t make tea in the morning, you served me with your harsh words and yelling in return. No life partner wants this as the first thing in the morning. If I come home late for the three consecutive days because of heavy work load, you start panicking all the way calling me with every passing minute. I am an employee Diya. I don’t own the company. I have to listen to my boss and meet my job requirements. I always communicated this to you. But you refused to understand this. You kept demanding for me to come early from the office. No employee can promise this, let me tell you this very honestly and I am also not an exception for this. Also, you never wanted a baby. I was fine with this too. I never wanted to burden you with anything that you don’t want.

All in all, I always tried hard to communicate my things to you, sometimes directly, sometimes via other ways. But you were too much immersed in your own world. You kept every window of it closed so tightly that none of my words reached you. When you failed to understand my things, stress and depression started to take over my love and passion for you. I did my best to be silent at the time of arguments but your provocative words, your tone and behavior were so much hurting that it left me mentally crippled with several sleepless nights. You noticed my weaker health but you never noticed the reason behind it. The reason was constant stress Diya, the stress growing into our precious relationship.

Your endless arguments, long list of complaints and a complete lack of physical love in our relationship made me restless all the time. Physical love was never on the top of my list but it is important to keep a relationship going on. The foremost priority of any relationship is to create an ambience of understanding. If I understand you, you will be happy and comfortable narrating your things to me and vice versa. But it was only I who gave away all the energy to make this relationship alive. Your contribution grew severely less to none.

All I want to say that I still love you. You won’t believe me but I really do. I am searching for a way that leads towards you. But I can't find it alone. You will also have to help me with this. Our love is lost somewhere but it’s not gone forever. Talking about the other woman in my life, I accept that I am bent towards her because she gives me space and listen my things very patiently. I never had discussed our private life to her but she understands my unspoken words too. She is not a bad woman because she never spoke ill of you or our relationship. She always talks good about us. She even helped me to release my stress by talking how I can keep my married life smooth and alive. She never took advantage of me. These things certainly pulled me towards her. I will not reveal her name because I respect her a lot. It’s a human nature Diya. If you get rebuked and insulted from one place and get a pure spiritual relationship from the other, your mind will naturally pick the latter one. No one wants bad things in life and so do I.

I had never kept my things from you and after suffering from months, I finally decided to tell you about her. Let me speak my heart that what I feel for her is not love; it’s just an attraction for her, a natural fascination. She is my very good friend. That’s it. I still love you only. When I saw you did not understand me again this time no matter how hard I tried, I decided to leave you alone for a while because whatever happens in this world, there is always a reason behind it.

You must be thinking that I am with her right now. But I am not. I am at my friend’s house waiting for you to read this letter and pondering over entire things that went wrong between us. This is the high time when you should push back your immature behavior and get serious about us, our life. I want to come back but this time, I also want you to change a bit. Every person has to change in good terms after marriage then why can’t you? Think about your mistakes. If you need my help on it, I’d be more than happy to do it. Take your time but make it as soon as possible because my life is nothing without you. The existence of our relationship is waiting for your decision.

Awaiting for your call,
Yours Forever…Sanchit 

                                                                    To be continued......

The letter is quiet long. But when you sit down to dissect your entire life on the paper, it will certainly go at least for this much length or may be more. Now that Diya has read the reality of her married life; of herself, what will she do next? Will she realize her own mistakes or will she go on with the same stubbornness and immaturity? If no, how will she do it then? Because to realize one's own mistakes is not easy to take and Sanchit's letter had shamelessly revealed everything about her behavior and mind set. Will she able to tolerate this? Their marriage will survive but how especially when Diya is all alone to look back on her own? These and many more questions will be dealt in the third and last part of the story where a very unanticipated happy ending is waiting for all of you.

I hope this part too would have been intriguing for you as the first one. Drop in your comments to let me know. See you in my next post.


  1. As expected...this part also just stole my heart...was feeling bad about Divya but everything turned out to be just opposite. Hope Divya realizes her mistake and dey start their married life afresh.

  2. Priyanka Singh: Thanks for the compliment. But her name is Diya not Divya...:)

  3. The guy is lying and complaining too much. :)

    P.S: i read it now ..the 1st part and 2nd one but still i will have to wait for ending!! :(
    Now Waiting for Diya stand! She must have something to reply.


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