Wednesday, 21 November 2012

"Your Forever" Part 1: Shattering Dreams

Today I am gonna share a story that I wrote for a story competition but unfortunately, it didn't get selected. And just because it didn't tickle the judges' minds, that does not mean at all that it is not a good piece of writing that can not be enjoyed with a hot cuppa. It is fairly good and I hope my visitors will like it. If so, don't keep your emotions up to you only; feel free to drop them as comments in the box given below.

Synopsis: The story is about a loving married couple. They lived happily together until their dreams started to dash when one day the husband named Sanchit told his wife Diya about the other woman he had started to like lately. Diya went mad, of course, after listening this naked truth. Then came several consequences and an unexpected turn eventually, especially then when the reader will start to lose the hope of getting both of them back together.

Let me tell you in advance that the story consists of a happy ending but how it was achieved, it'd be worth reading. The story is bit long. Therefore, I'd be posting it in few parts. A picture will be attached too to symbolize the relevant part of the story. The story title is same as the post's title: Yours Forever

Here is the part 1 titled as Shattering Dreams:

“How could you do this to me Sanchit? Why? Why you did this?” I was yelling at my husband Sanchit.  

“I am sorry Diya. I am so very sorry. I know I have hurt you a lot but trust me, it was never my intention to get involved with the other woman. Trust me with this Diya” Sanchit said gloomily, with his face hung down. He was feeling so guilty that he couldn’t see his loving wife eye to eye.

It was never your intention? Damn you Sanchit. You are a great liar and I don’t believe you at all. You have hurt me so much Sanchit. I can never forgive you” I said crying incessantly and walked out of the bedroom closing the door behind with a loud shut.

Tears kept rolling down my cheeks as I sat on the couch. This morning, Sanchit had confessed his attraction towards another woman. She was a colleague in the company where he was working as an employee. He told me since few months she had caught special attention in his life. It hurt me a lot. I loved him so much then how could he betray me? I gave him everything he wanted yet he did this inhumane thing with me? I couldn’t absorb this at all. I was crying so loudly that he came out of the room and apologized once more. He wanted to talk but I just wasn’t in the state to listen anything. All I knew was the betrayal that I had received from him.

Days started to pass meaninglessly. I didn’t have the strength to do anything. All I could do was crying all the time; day in and day out, only crying and thinking and cursing him for making my life a living hell. He tried to make me feel better but his every comforting word was stabbing my heart by each passing second. The pain was excruciating. I stopped talking to him altogether. I could see the pain in his eyes too but it was fake, I told myself.

One week later, I woke up in the morning finding the house empty. I searched for Sanchit but he wasn’t there. Had he left me already? Or, had he shifted with that woman? Such thoughts started to creep into my mind. I kept searching like a maniac but he was nowhere in the sight. This feeling started to scoop up my leftover trust on him. It was true that he didn’t leave me with any choice but to hate him yet finding him gone suddenly like this had brutally shaken up the control quotient on my own self. I felt like the gravity had increased by manifolds and my body was drooping towards the floor. It was a very heavy feeling and when I realized I couldn’t bear its heaviness anymore, I sat down on the bed, crying again. I was scared being alone in the house. It had been five years of our marriage but I never felt this much alone. No trace of Sanchit. He was gone without giving me any prior notice. I cursed him again for pushing me into the deep well of troubles. I curled up on the bed and clutched on to the pillow in order to blow away the monstrous insecurity growing inside me when something under it caught my attention. It was a piece of paper. When I held it into my hands, it was Sanchit’s letter. With holding breath, I started to read it.
                                                                       To be continued....

This is it for today I guess. Sanchit's letter and its content will be exposed soon in my next post. If you like this part 1, how about dropping a comment before you switch to another website? :)


  1. I am happy to post the story that is close to my heart :)

  2. Looking forward to the next part..was nice reading first one..:)


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