Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wonderful rangoli desings

Hello everyone!

Diwali is just one day away (on 13th Nov.) and many Indians know the sheer importance of rangoli making on this auspicious occasion. Read a relevant post here. Yesterday I had been hunting for rangoli designs on the internet and apart from many usual designs, I found some interesting ones. There are many more verities in rangolis that you can make. I am gonna share my shortlisted designs too.

Sand or powder rangolis are very common yet famous among many households. These can be cleaned up very easily.There are paint rangolis as well. You can paint your ground with the desired pattern. This rangoli stays for many more days. There are some reusable rangolis too using beads, buttons, laces, pearls, stones etc. These kind of rangolis can be used again and again. Flower rangolis are made by flowers. They look beautiful and the entire pattern emerges at great extent. These rangolis also spread the flowery fragrance around. Candles and diyas are also an inseparable part of Diwali. They light up the place and epitomize the beauty of your house. There are many more diverse designs of candles and diyas in the market.

I am giving away some useful links on how to make rangolis and candles.

Get the idea of  making powder or sand rangoli.

Get the idea of making reusable rangoli here.

Fancy making candle on your own? Learn how to make gel candles.

An interesting idea to draw patterns on water. Click here.

Now here are the designs among which I will select two; one for the porch and one for inside home.

 Sand or powder rangolis:

Reusable rangolis:

I also encountered some strange designs  as well. Don't know who would be making these. They look funny though.

Flower rangolis:

Paint rangoli:

Basically, it's up to you what design/pattern you choose. And then you can play with the colors and the way you desire to make it. I hope you also get one design to take away with you from here. Along with good bye, wishing you all a happy diwali in advance.


  1. Great Designs...Keep them coming...

  2. Sumit, are you practising them as well? :) -Piyush Agrawal

  3. Really a wonderful collection of rangoli designs you have here. I really love the patterns, the color combination used and especially its captivating essence - really a superb artwork. Thank you for sharing anyway. Very much appreciated :)


    1. Thanks Frenie. Appreciate you stopped by :)

  4. Here are the 75 simple rangoli designs which one can easily to make at home and also ... This unique design is a perfect choice for festivals of Diwali Check out Latest and Rangoli designs for diwali 2017 and Easy Diwali rangoli images


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