Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Why should we celebrate anniversaries?

Many times I have heard people saying why to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries etc.? After all, it deduces one year of our lives and takes us closer to our death? Right? I wonder at such people. I agree that it certainly lessens up 365,1/4 days of our life but still...we should be thankful that we have gotten one more chance to live another year. We are way more luckier than those people who didn't get to see it. On our birthday, our well wishers and loved ones expresses their love and affection towards us in the form of calls, cards and various kind of texts. And those who loves us more may give away a gift too ;) But whoever is wishing us on our birthdays, we feel extremely good inside and it soothes our hearts too. We get to know again that there are so many people who loves us, who wants us happy and who wants to see us alive forever.Their words are dipped in love giving away lots of blessings as well.

It doesn't matter if our birthday eats one more year of our lives yet it gives us one more chance to live with our family and loved ones. We own this day; technically, literally, emotionally and completely this is our day to celebrate. We can do anything on this day (anything means things that bring joy) and the best part one gets hurt (unless s/he has some broken bones;) ).
Quite similar to this is the occasion of marriage anniversaries. Many people celebrate their marriage anniversaries like they are doing favors to each other. It feels like two enemy countries became successful living together for one more year with all means and wealth and they have won one more battle against each other. I chuckle when the same thing my father says on his anniversary. He says just to tease my mummy. He never mean it.  But I feel pity on those who seriously think like this. They shouldn't. Because there are countless people roaming out there with whom there is no one to take care of. They feel all alone. But if we are naturally gifted with one partner, we should spend every moment cherishing in happiness. One warm smile can cool down the anger; one sweet smile can bring loads of happiness. One small gift can easily tell our partner how importance he or she is for us. (And it also saves us from so many filmy dialogues and time)

All in all, we should always celebrate anniversaries with utmost happiness and exultation because we are lucky to spend one more year with our loved ones.

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