Wednesday, 7 November 2012

What's your idea for Diwali preparation?

We all know Diwali is upcoming. Diwali is the festival of lights and victory of good over evil. It is one of the most sought after occasion for many Indians that usually falls in October or November every year.

Well...don't shrink your nose. I am not going to write a page length essay on Diwali. But I am sure going to discuss about the ways we are preparing for Diwali celebration.

Taking my account, I do normal stuffs along with something extra. Normal stuffs include cleaning of the house from every corner, making some home made delicacies, buying new set of clothing to enjoy the festival and of course, sweets and crackers to make the celebration lively and cheerful. And not to forget the traditional ritual of making colorful patterns on ground colloquially known as Rangolis. Every year I try to make a beautiful rangoli full of colors,strokes and sprinkles. Making rangoli is full of laughter, fun and a tremendous amount of family engagement sort of activity. I enjoy this act immensely. I will be soon searching for the rangoli designs and the one selected will share with all of you here on my blog.

Apart from it, to make the celebration a little extra special, I have invited many of our friends at home to manifold the joy of the festival, have set up some fun games to throw laughter busters and of course, making some really delicious food to pamper our taste buds...yummm.

Along with all this, Diwali is a symbol of winning over your negatives sides and making spaces for positives. We do this all along the year but I think, festivals and special occasions give us a step ahead chance to improve ourselves in special the form of celebration :)

Festivals are all about going a mile extra. Share some tips with me and enjoy your Diwali preparation along. :)


  1. diwali is my favourite festival amongst all others....n m really xcited this tym too cz m gonna meet my besties of school tym after a long happy diwali every1....

  2. Drawing rangoli and putting up decorations are my favorite diwali preparation. And of course, cooking those sweets and treats. I hope everyone having a great Diwali celebration.

    Cheers xxxx
    Diwali Decorations

    1. Same here Akhila. I also love rangoli make ups and going mad with searching designs here and there. It's all fun.

  3. Ethnic and sweet ways of celebrating Diwali has different essence. greeting loved ones through Online Greeting Cards is also a sweeter idea..

    1. Absolutely right Saffi! I agree. There was once a time when i too was a big fan of e cards but that websites have replaced them but cards are always a good idea.


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