Thursday, 8 November 2012

Unique plan: Incoming free but outgoing not :P

Today I came across a very funny moment but unfortunately, I missed the beat when it happened. And when I realized, I found it worth blogging. Here it is how it happened:

This evening I was talking to my sister about her going to Bhopal for doing a research in IISER. This research opportunity came to her from out-of-the-blue. She was pretty happy and was telling me how excited she is to join it asap. My husband was in the office. At this very moment, the fun moment popped up. The conversation went by like this:

Sister: "Where is jijaji?"

I: "In the office obviously"

Sister: "Ohhkk! Today, may be, we all will got to restaurant to celebrate my this opportunity. So I might be in the restaurant. Tell him to call me for sure"

I: "Ok. But on which mobile? Yours or mummy's?"

Sister: "Tell him to call on my cell"

I: "Why? Won't you get roaming charges?" (She was studying in Dehradun and recently she had returned  after finishing her Masters. She is using the same number what she was using there).

Sister: "No. Outgoing costs me only. The incoming is free"

I: "Ok. Good plan. I will convey the message to him" and then we said good byes to each other.

Later when my husband came, I told him to call my sister on her cell because as per her call plan, incoming is free while outgoing is not. He listened and said, "But I also have the same plan with me. Mine incoming is also free while outgoing is not" and then he started laughing at me. I immediately got the meaning of what I had said because literally everybody has the same plan. It was so funny when I realized the meaning of my words. We both kept laughing for the next few minutes. It was hilarious.


  1. :) nice u shared this...but srsly hez is gettin more n more lyk u in makin jokes.... :D

  2. companionship has its effect sister n i will take it as a compliment:)


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