Thursday, 8 November 2012

Time to snooze!

Hey everyone!  

Here I am going to share something that I did for myself yesterday. It was quite helpful, rejuvenating and worth repeating once in a while. 
As I am a mother and wife, my everyday routine is quiet monotonous and I had been following it since past few years. I am also an active person who loves to do something special all the time. Since many days, I have been doing the same. It needs full attention, complete dedication and stupendous mental effort. I have to do it on the daily basis in my free time after my husband and son leaves for their respective places. I keep doing it and it eats so much time that I keep on doing even after my son has returned from his school. It is sometimes very frustrating. 

Therefore, I decided to take a snooze yesterday. I pushed back my own task and let myself enjoy. Here it is how I enjoyed myself yesterday:

Tea with a great movie: I had tea and snacks with my son when he returned from the school. Along with it, I watched the movie Taken telecasting on HBO (probably). I have already seen this flick but some movies in our life are like silver lining in the sky. When they happen, you just can't help yourself watching it. Taken is such sort of movie for me. It stars Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills. The story is about a stepfather saving her daughter Kim from prostitution world. While Kim went to Paris with her friend Amanda, they both were taken away by the people who carries prostitution rackets, drug dealing services etc. in the city. Bryan was a former CIA operative, specialized in certain set of skills. The journey of saving his daughter  is breathtaking. How he fought with the bad guys and used his head to get to the spot, it is worth watching. I immensely enjoyed watching this movie...again. 

Full course meal: Then I headed to the kitchen and made a full course meal comprising of Idli, sambhar and coconut chutney while my son went out to play with his friends. Preparation consumes a lot of time but I enjoyed cooking as well along with listening songs on the TV (I had switched to a music channel). Few numbers were like what-the-hell-this-song-is but others were really nice to my ears. I also prepared Puranpoli stuffing (a Maharashtrian dish) for today's lunch. There were few pings into the back of my head about my pushed back task but I had decided to take a break and did the same...successfully. And then I came out of kitchen before usual time. It was worth smiling.Then had family dinner. 

Other tasks: There were some other household tasks too that had been screaming from past few days to get my attention. Yesterday I completed my those pending works too. I kept myself completely away from my laptop (which is really hard to do for me). Believe it or not, no facebooking, no mail checking, no internet browsing...nothing.

Result: At the end, I had mental rest. My nerves were calm. Felt satisfied as I was done with my all the pending works and above all, I had a break which was very much required. Today I am feeling very fresh and ready to go back to my own work with double concentration.

We often do not realize the sheer importance of taking a Break or Snooze but it is as much required as a nap. Do your work but have some free time for yourself. Calm your nerves, relax your muscles and do anything that you like (except your work). This is one of the best thing you can give to your body and soul. DO IT TODAY. Say to yourself => Time to snooze :)

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