Friday, 9 November 2012

Open the door and let the happiness come

They say: "Time and tide wait for none". I say: "If time waits for none of us, why should we wait for it?"

A couple was walking by to a shop. The girl saw a beautiful piece of table lamp in there and expressed how beautiful it was. The boy noted down this. The girl's birthday was two days later and he thought to come on that day to buy it. He wanted to give her a surprise. Two days later when he returned to that shop, that table lamp was already sold out. It was epitomizing the beauty of another girl's place now. He searched the similar lamp in other gift stores too but failed. With dull feeling he bought another table lamp which was also very beautiful. In the evening when he gifted that lamp to his girl, the girl went happy. She said:

"Wow. It's so beautiful. I like it but remember love? The lamp we saw two days before on a shop? It was the master piece and I loved its contour, the color and the way it was lighting up the area around but this lamp is also good". She added the last sentence only to make her boyfriend feel good about his present.

Boy said: "Oh! Actually two days back when you said you loved that lamp, I had already decided to get it for you as your birthday present. I didn't buy that day as I was afraid you would find that out. But when I went to that shop today, it was sold out. I am sorry"

Girl (with a warm smile): "See. Had you bought the lamp I loved that day, it would have been lighting up our place by now. But anyway, this lamp is also very beautiful. I will keep it next to my bed."

The boy kept thinking about his girl's reply. He found it's true. When we see the happiness knocking at our door, we should open the door and welcome it. We certainly must not wait for the right time to open the door. If we wait, the happiness might go knocking other's door and we can probably miss our chance. When you see a cherish able moment coming along, grab it so that you don't have to regret it later (like the boy in the story).

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