Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The ultimate inspiration: My parents

We all know how much our parents mean to us. They are the pivotal force in our lives.

One incident that happened this evening simply proved that turning to the parents can solve many of our issues. 

My six year old son was getting really kinky about going to his friend in our neighborhood. This isn't the matter to go worry about but he does the same in every now and then which becomes quiet annoying sometimes. So this evening again he was getting very stubborn about this matter and refused to listen me at all cost. I tried everything to persuade him that his friend was busy in something and meeting him wouldn't be a good idea. But given his age, my persuading acts were going in vain. Finally an idea popped up into my mind. I called my mother and explained the situation. She talked to him and convinced him about the same. After the call, he was better. However he was still asking to go but the stubbornness had reduced up to a great extent. I was relaxed to find my mother at my rescue.

See...how much our parents can help us in trivial things. I love my parents too...beyond a lot. They have just not given me the life I am breathing but also, a new life altogether. They have been standing beside me against every odd. . 

My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife. My father being an avid reader showed me the ways one can achieve knowledge despite of hardships going around. Because of the family demands, he couldn't get a high education. But to this date he has molded himself into a vast pool of knowledge. His choice for reading is quiet diverse. He has read several novels, Koran, Geeta, all the four Vedas and still, he manages to get sometime for reading almost everyday. I won't be wrong if I say I inherit the writing and reading skills from him.

My mother is an outstanding housewife. She has got an incredible amount of tolerance in herself and because of this virtue, she has occupied a big space in everyone's heart. She is a wonderful cook, a wonderful mother and a dedicated wife. I got to learn how to save precious relationships in our lives from her only.

I love them from all of my heart. My entire life is dedicated to please them. But just one life is not enough to show it. I will keep trying things that will make them happy.


  1. With Parents...Life at its best. :)

  2. It is their experience that is their forte :-)

  3. the best thing about parents is no matter hw much u do wrong or right things in lyf,their love is always the same...no matter hw much u acheive in lyf,they always hold the right to scold n tell u wats right...so believe in ur parents cz watever decision they make fr u is fr ur best!

  4. I think all of us are always five years old in the presence and absence of our parents.


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