Saturday, 17 November 2012

Little inventions on Weekends special

Weekends have a special power to entertain you...isn't it? The magic of this power can be felt by only those people who have gotten their weeks divided into two groups: Weekdays and Weekends. Such people work dauntlessly from Mondays to Fridays; get tired at the end of the day and very much look forward to what it is called Weekends. Weekends' magic manifolds when you spend a quality time with your loved ones; or doing something that freshen up your mind.

Today we did something special. We had gotten a creative kit from McDonalds yesterday (our son is as fond of this eatery joint as he is for Ben10 games). It is called "Easel Card Photomaker Kit' and today...he went on making a photo frame using the stuffs given inside the kit. His father helped him along and I did the best part...gave away lots of appreciation. Here are the pictures taken after the completion of the photo frame:

Isn't that beautiful? I know it is. But the most admirable outcome of this activity was the satisfaction watching a father-son duo working together on one thing. Kids DO enjoy their parents' company provided it is fun filled. And to get the kids involved in such activities, they need a tremendous amount of motivation. I remember the tiniest details. He was watching Tom & Jerry videos on the laptop. To get him away from the screen, I offered him to open the kit and complete the photo frame. We told him that his picture will be tagged on the frame. He immediately closed the laptop lid and went on doing the activity. As like many other activities, kids DO need adult supervision and a fair amount of help. Sumit helped him along. After completion, he was very happy and excited. We will get his one picture pasted on the frame and this frame piece will become the immense part of our household's innovative creations. 

This year in his summer camp, he had made a beautiful photo frame which consists of hard board and a transparent sheet in front. In this frame, we placed mine's and his picture. And the frame he completed this evening, we will get another family picture to get fit into it. Two months or so back, he got a house project in the class and he had to make one. Certainly such projects are always meant for parents not for the kids of course. I and Sumit almost threw ourselves entirely in making a house for him. our son just added some colors and did some figure sticking. I remember we finished that house at 2 o'clock at night (or morning). That was it. He got full marks for his project. But he did enjoy watching us perspiring in the process of making a alluring house for him that can fetch good numbers. We still have that house model. In his last standard, he got a Transport project and he had to make one transport model. I made a small train from the scratch. It was also beautiful and creative. Unfortunately, we lost that train model at the time of shifting house.

When I see such creative handmade stuffs at my home, I go nostalgic. I automatically recall the process of making all those items. The amount of effort and time consumed, number of Fevicol tubes, laces, creative stuffs, mirrors, foams etc. all shoot a step-by-step pings into my head. This all followed by the number of yawning in between, sleeping on the mat during the process, searching frantically for the adhesive tube which was right next to the leg few seconds ago and got disappeared mysteriously, getting hungry and taking a quick break by making Maggi/hot milk for all of us and then again getting involved in the making of our little invention. Yes...these all handmade stuffs are our inventions. But after completion, we all feel euphoria. Looking at the completed model gives us an immense satisfaction like it is our own project not our kid's. These all model making happens mostly in weekends.We gaze, admire and protect our little inventions from every single scratch. This is the way we enjoy our time sometimes.

Enjoy your time and get involved with your kid in doing some fun activities. Get some ideas by following this and this link.

Try some ideas and I am darn sure you will get the same happiness and satisfaction that we get doing the same. With signing off, wish you all a great and happy Sunday.

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