Friday, 16 November 2012

Life is all about learning lessons

Now that all the gung-ho of Diwali is gone, it is the time to relax and go back to our respective works. I hope you all too would have enjoyed the festival at great extent like us.

My this post is about to share few things that I came across yesterday. Yesterday I and my husband Sumit  both went to watch the latest Bollywood flick Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Our son was gone to the school and Sumit had taken leave. We both went for the morning show and during the entire show, we learnt few things in a row.

  • First is first, we really missed our son. And when I say really, I mean it from all of my heart. This isn't something very unique or a wonder to scribble a post about but it is certainly a wonder and a unique thing to share on my blog. It is widely read, spoken and frequently analysed that couple should find some alone time to maintain the oxygen supply in their relationship. We did the same yesterday. But at the end of the show, we decided never to come for an outing without our son. We both missed his tantrums, endless rows of demands and the sound of his continuous munching (he is a foodie us :) ). Though he only watches cartoon movies and our movies doesn't click his mind but still, we missed him. We realized (again) that he is indeed the real oxygen of our relationship. With this beautiful learning, he will be with us on every ride from now on. Many events in our life happens that tells how important our son is to us. We love him beyond anything.

  • In the movie, there was a dialogue that touched my heart. I already knew it but hearing it again felt nice to my ears. The dialogue was: "If you are not happy, you can never make others happy". This line is pretty simple yet very effective. In our lives, we often tempt to do the things that may please others but at the end of the process, we break down into tears in a desperate trial to deceive our own selves. This sends painful waves to our loves ones. I have also realized it many times in my life. I find this is one of the most important learning in my life. Never ever try to make others smile if your heart is wincing with pain.

  • Another thing is, cut out some special time for you and your partner. It separates both of you from the outer world and give some moments to laugh be together. Squeeze the maximum out of these special cut outs. Mine is bringing our son along with us adds an extra inch to our ever sprawling relationship. Also, going with lots of smiles adds the spark. Enjoying delicacies, wearing the favorite outfit and matching accessories also brings joy into me. The excitement of an outing in all of us is quite cherish able. You too can do anything. It's up to you entirely. Do it once in a while and maintain the magic of your love.

And is the rangoli we made on Diwali which I promised to post on my blog. We made it in our porch. Because of some reasons, only one rangoli was possible for the day. Lord Ganesha is in the center. We loved it.

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