Friday, 30 November 2012

Don't Lose Hope-- My one little creation

Above pic I found on my Facebook news feed and it caught my attention. This pic does not only depicts the golden message of never losing hope but it also says we grow better as the time passes by; time makes us stronger to find against the odds. After crunching my head a bit, I came out with few lines scribbled below as a poem. Isn't it wonderful that yesterday I said I often fail in making poems but see...I indeed made few today. How true it never know what tomorrow will bring. Today I am happy to get my poem writing skill back to me bit by bit. I hope my visitors will enjoy reading it too.

Life is beautiful,
Life is boon;
Live it to its best,
And see the magic soon.

Life has its way of teaching,
Only if you are are willing;
Live in today and dream about tomorrow,
Let's brush up your every sorrow.

Hope, passion and dream,
Three musketeers for you to win;
Don't lose hope,
And never lose YOU--
Get the best while you grow.

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