Thursday, 22 November 2012

"Did you leave me any choice dear?"

This interesting moment happened few days back and it still gives us a wide smile. Let me take you to the flashback :)

Movie: "Bits of life"

Scene: Did you leave me any choice dear?
Hero: Sumit Baranwal aka The husband; Heroine: Priyanka Baranwal aka The wife aka Me

Scene description: It was the breakfast time. I had prepared the breakfast and was going to ask Sumit about the drink accompaniment he would prefer with the breakfast.

I: "I have made poha for the breakfast. What would you like to drink with that? Tea or milk?" (Poha is a normal, easy to make dish that consists of rice flakes and potatoes/peas along with other Indian spices).

Sumit: "Milk" (Yes...he said milk)

I: "But I wanted to have tea. Poha will taste nicer with it. You can have milk 1-2 hours later"

Sumit: "No. I want milk but you can go on for the tea"

I (with face hung down): "Umm...okay. But let's have tea na. It will be nice to have it with you"

Sumit: "Okay. I will also have tea then" and he smiles.

Then we both had our breakfast with so much coveted tea. We chatted, watched funny shows on TV and laughed together. In short, we spent a nice breakfast time together. After finishing, I asked him about the breakfast that how was it. 

Sumit: "Good"

I (chirpily and with a hint of pride in my tone): "See. I had told you na. Tea will enhance the taste, not the milk. Now you also know"

Sumit (mockingly): "Did you leave me any choice dear?"

And then I realized that he was correct. I certainly didn't leave any choice for him. And the featured pic is a way to say it all. We laughed over it. We both had milk after a while too. 

From that day on, whenever I ask the drink accompaniment at the breakfast time, he says promptly, "First tell me, am I entitled to have a choice here?" and I say, "Yes" and then we again chuckle :)

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