Thursday, 29 November 2012

All time weather proof beauty tips for all

If I say that I am gonna give you some beauty tips that will keep you young forever and that comes with all types of weather proof shield, I wouldn't be exaggerating. But let me first put a disclaimer here that this post is not like thousand other articles where you would find general beauty tips like flooding your organs with eight glasses of water on the daily basis or applying face masks twice or thrice a week made of the ingredients that are much higher in number than the faces you have seen in your life. This post is certainly not at all similar to those kind of articles. Here I am talking about real beauty tips that will keep you rejuvenating and charming through out your life irrespective of the age, skin types, gender etc. etc. These tips will keep the charisma of your personality maintained forever. Apply the required amount of these beauty potions onto your personality. See their magical effects and shine like a star...forever

So what's the delay folks? Let's start talking the business.

Be positive: If you genetically don't carry the blood group B +ve in your blood vessels (unlike ME), read it on. I strangely believe that we all create an arena around us by our actions and thoughts. This arena produces certain kind of vibes around us. These vibes act for you. To put my point precisely, I am giving you a minute to remember the moment when you had met a stranger and after few moments the words oozing out your mouth were "Man! I don't like that guy" nonetheless you both held simple conversations like on weather, party, business or even about your living room's wall paint color. Or, you have met a person for so many times but you still like to keep a certain distance from him/her no matter how friendly that person has appeared to you. In both the cases, you strangely find yourself unable to channel familiarity with the other person. This has happened with me sometimes. This all is the magic of two witchy spells like J K Rowlings': The arena of the person you are meeting with (who is sending out vibes) and your own (that is acting as a radar catching those vibes).

The arena wrapped around you is much more ghostly than your own shadow. You can never see it but others can feel it involuntarily. Your arena send out vibes that has created with your thoughts preceded by your actions. If you keep doing things that improves you and makes you a happy positive person, strong vibes of positivism will keep flying around you and if the person coming to your contact is also of your type, the vibes of your both arenas will get entangled like a hug between a loving grandmother and child. Vibes keep doing their work through out the conversation and if you both become able to channel alike things then boom...there will be high chances for both of you to get along well. But the case differs when the person in your contact is different from you (like negative, neutral, spiritual, philosophical etc.). The arenas and hence the vibes of you both will entirely become poles apart and both of you may end up having your drinks away from each other.

But who likes to keep friendly people away unless you are the-one-who-can not-be-named? Stay positive and your positivism will create an arena that will pull people towards you. Being with the people you like is one of the best things to stay happy and as we all know...happiness is the key to the evergreen beauty. Think positive, keep smiling and reduce the wrinkles on your face.

Just be yourself: All the parents will nod in agreement if I say kids love to sprawl things here and there.  They never bother to tidy them up unless they are provided with a great motivation. Their faces always shine and looks stress free even if the next day is going to be The Judgement Day. You know the secret behind their ever shining face? Because they are what they do and they do what they like. As simple as that. They always do what they like without creasing their forehead and this is the ultimate trick that makes them the most beautiful creatures of all. They are all time adored and loved by the people.

But I don't mean that all of a sudden you trigger your childhood gene and go gaga for a silly demand. My point is:: Do what you like; be yourself. So to prove my point, I have to say how I do it otherwise this entire post would look like a crap to me. So, here are the things that I don't let myself change normally. Everyday I get few golden free hours for me only. I do what I like. I write, read, sing, dance, keep trying to write poems (but I fail often and I don't worry about it. At least I am trying), watch The Vampire Diaries (TVD) on the TV,  munch on favorite noodles sometimes, sleep on the couch while watching TV, doing my special task I assign for myself regularly or sometimes I chose to sleep like a lazy ball whole day. I suspect you must be shrinking your nose in the disagreement on my some of the habits but I do them happily. These are the things that had made me what I am today. Reading and writing have evolved me into a writer, munching on noodles satiates my seldom cravings keeping me in check, fascination for the supernaturals like TVD keeps me sane, doing my special task satisfies me and falling sleep on the couch gives me a much needed snooze that is practically impossible to have some other time. And sleeping whole day once in a while is like going on a holiday; like a complete break. I just be me and I enjoy it. I enjoy being myself. Similarly, do what you like. It will relax your body and facial muscles. Keeping yourself with you will keep you young forever. This will remind you that no matter the number of harsh weathers (times) you have faced, you are still with your HAPPY YOU. 

Pick a new guitar: Don't sigh if you don't have one. From the word Guitar here, I mean pick a new interest and apply it evenly on the face of your life. For me, guitar is one of my ultimate passions that I possess and I will learn it one day for sure. But for now, I have started my two blogs doing which is something that I had never thought of ever in my life. Writing a new post almost regularly challenges me; excites me and sends me into an aisle bearing endless thoughts everyday. I never force myself to write. The fascination comes naturally. After publishing a post, I feel enormously happy. In the similar fashion, pick a new interest that challenges you, your skills, your potency and stamina. But do not try to sing in public if you are a serious subject of bathroom singing. I mean do not do things that does not suit your personality. 

Let me bubble something about myself on this subject. I had worked as an Art and Craft teacher in two summer camps once. Teaching was a new thing to me that time but I knew that I have a flair for teaching and I get along well with children. My efforts were soundly acknowledged. I once had organized an Art and Craft sale at my own house in the community which comprised of several handmade beautiful creative items. I had learnt those items short time back and with my friend's support, I decided to go for it. It was a humongous task for me to run it successfully but I did it. Because I knew I am good in creativity, managing things and communication. I can do it. Several ladies and kids came to my sale and bought many items. I was delighted. They appreciated me for the handmade items at great length. Although I have the skills required for this task yet it was challenge for me. And I happily admit that I beat my challenges with my constant effort and dedication. I still believe in the concept of continuous learning. I have gained a number of skills even after my marriage. I never think that the marriage is a barrier for your talents. If you are willing, you can touch the sky with your family support

If you think you are leading a happy life because you are done with everything and there is no room left for going banana about something then let me clear the dust in your eyes that this is exactly the high time you should pick a new interest. Life is short (or long given if you are counting the number of years for your home loan to complete). Search for an interest doing which can serve you with an identity; that can make you a stand out. Identify The Harry Potter inside you. I feel happy writing my every blog post. It gives me a unique identity among all. People read my blogs and applaud for the way I write. My writing skills are still stitched in me even after I got married. It's still there and improving every minute I am scratching a word. I roam with an identity. But still, I do not pride myself 'cause I am on the way of exploring more of my own self. I am trying to do more out of me and I hope someday people will admire it on huge scale.

Awaken the hunger within and create a challenge. Pick your guitar and rock the world.

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