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A post for a father, about a father and dedicated to a father

We all know that a father is an ideal persona for his child. What he does, how he does, what he says, how he says everything affects the child. A father can be a walking example of a perfect human being or the sight of a dedicated hard worker or a loving symbol of the family. Whatever it is...a father is always an adorable part of a kid's life.

The reason for scribbling this post is to share some lovely things that my husband often does for our son. Despite being a mother, I think my son is too small to understand many things but right husband Sumit proves me wrong and I love it. He teaches Ashmit (our son) so many different concepts. Starting from this morning, Sumit was explaining him The Big Bang Theory while going to drop him for his school bus. I was standing in the kitchen wrapping up my tasks and I bit on a piece of their conversation. Ashmit was asking how we all are created and Sumit was explaining him the theory that explains it all. I wondered how much of it could Ashmit absorb but still, I felt nice. Kids are never too small to understand anything. They are normal little human beings who wants their curiosity satisfied every time they pop it. When Sumit returned to home after dropping him, he told that Ashmit swiped the theory out by saying that God has created us. Isn't that cute? As a child, we were also told the same.

Not just this theory, Sumit keeps telling him different stuffs too. Few days back he bought one India map for Ashmit. He was happy to see the map. Sumit showed the different places and asked questions too. He asked where your maternal mother lives, where your grand mother lives and where do we live. It was cute to see them doing this task. And the cuter thing was, that Ashmit was happily racing for finding those places on the map. Sumit also tells him about the weather, transport etc. He also explains him his bike functionalists. It's strange enough to raise one's eyebrow if I say this but it's true given his six years age. Because of Sumit's dedication, now Ashmit knows how to start a bike, its headlamps, where are the breaks etc. In fact, every time we hop on the bike for a ride, Ashmit loves to bring the engine into the action. He doesn't let his father do it.

Sumit also make him learn mathematics ahead of his standard. I sometime interrupt saying it's beyond his capacity to learn but he says, "Let him try at least. It won't do any harm" and after sometime, I watch Ashmit doing the same mathematics stuff pretty good which Sumit was teaching him a while ago. It is good for him. At least he has a father who cares for him and loves beyond anything.

And heyy!! While this post is all about a father, how unfair I'd be if I don't mumble anything about my own father. My father who is brilliant in so many things; my father who is the first best male figure in my life and my father who is a vast pool of knowledge. I call him 'Pitaji' that means 'Father' (Pita) with a suffix 'ji' as respect. It's an Indian way of calling your father. I feel wonderful that I love him so much  and what's more wonderful, he loves me too so much in return :)


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