Monday, 26 November 2012

A great weekend went by

And now that one more weekend is gone and I am writing this post in the wee hours of Monday (it's 12.32 AM), I feel a blend of several feelings...again. I always feel good as well as bad when I realize the next day is actually a Monday. Feel good in terms of getting another five days of complete discipline through out my routine and bad because I will...again...have to wake up early in the morning for another five consecutive days (due to my son's school). I am not at all a morning bird and doing exactly the same makes me cry at the previous night. But life has it's own challenges and everyday I face this challenge sportingly when I DO get up  in the morning (Well...this is another matter that I put my alarm clock twice or thrice on snooze before I finally open my both the eyes;)).

But this post is especially about the lovely time we spent at our friends' house. Last Saturday, we had our dinner at one of our friends' place and it was simply outstanding. The occasion was really special as it was their first marriage anniversary and we all were very happy to be a part of it. We had cake cutting as well (O c'mon...adults are also suppose to cut cakes on their special days...aren't they? It's fun after all). Not only the food was delicious but also the companionship of lots of old friends, some new ones along with the neighbors was equally wonderful. The friend who had invited us over has been my husband's friend from the last seventeen years (yes folks...seventeen!!!) and old we all know is always...a gold. We laughed a lot, ate too much and teased one another like hell. I and my husband's friend's wife happen to share a lovely friendship. I was meeting her for the second time but the way we showed our teeth through the party time, no body could guess ever that we weren't the old girly buddies. At one point, my cheek muscles had started to pain because of too much giggles . We both shared some secrets and recipes...of course (and that makes both of us typical housewives :)). The food she cooked for all of us was wonderful and she gave us away some of her special 'Egg Biryani' along with its recipe.

I hope to see them again along with the other friends. It's always a nice feeling to meet your old buddies. It pulls back the old time when you had shared a special period of time that no one can ever bring it back. That's why they say Friendship is a never sinking ship that always gives you high tidal waves of happiness and laughter (Wait a minute!! That's some thing I said right now. No one has ever said it ;)). With my last yawn, wishing you all great days ahead. Enjoy your every day your way :)
P.S. And tomorrow I will share the third and last part of my story Yours Forever. Many people has appreciated its Part 1 and Part 2. Tomorrow you all will come to know the steps that Diya took to save her relationship with her husband Sanchit. See you all tomorrow with my next post.

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