Saturday, 14 July 2018

'It's Never Too Late' and 'The Shadow of Darkness' in Jarir, Boulevard (Kuwait)

Yesterday we visited another Jarir branch. It's the one in the Boulevard. It was once again a good boost to see my books here.

i hope the books do well here too.

When they arrived here: My books in Kuwait

The journey of a year: A year ago...

Listening to a song is an art.

Music and writing are a lot alike. If you can have both of them, you'll discover they seek for balance. Handling both is tricky. Challenging. But if you can do it, you'll know they resemble.

The whole day was invested into writing and relevant stuff. It's weekend so the rush at home is more than usual yet i managed it all. In the evening, we went out to see my books in another branch of Jarir bookstore here. The one in the Boulevard. It was once again a pleasure to see my books in the bookstore here. Will share the pictures later.

Then we had dinner and then came back home. Truly speaking i am dead tired yet writing a blog post and after i finish this, i'll settle to listen the song that's going to be my next cover in the Atif Aslam Special series. 

As i said, music is a lot like writing. It counts even when you are not penning down your thoughts on paper or in MS Doc. In the same fashion, it counts when you're listening the song. It equals to practice on your instrument. 

Thinking is strategising.

As an author, i cannot write all the time. i have to pre-plan the progress of my story. Plots, characters, different shades of human nature, a pet if it's the part of story, traveling destination, facial contours, scarf color, twists and turns...there are many things that must be thought before you can actually write.

Similarly, when it comes to playing a song on guitar, you have to pay attention to the song you're thinking to cover. You actually have to listen. It's an art! Listening. One of those that not many can master.

Not only the lyrics but also the tunes, beats, rhythm, the flow, the pause, shift in the singer's pitch, desire to emulate drums or tabla or other percussion on guitar...these all and many more start writing their own story in your head. You start to come up with your own style, different style. A beat can be added here, a tap can be added there, thump would sound nice or may be the constant chuck...the nuances of the song consume you. 

i seriously think i should sleep now. i'll sleep while listening the song for my next cover. Just for once. Then i'd feel my day had been complete.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Happy birthday, Dad!

It's the most-handsome-man-in-the-world's birthday today and for a girl, who could it be but her own father! Happy Birthday, Dad!

Just last evening, i made two guitar covers+tutorials. Yes! Two. Again. Last time i had done the same with Pehli Dafa and Yakeen but had uploaded them separately. This time, i have done differently. This time, i have uploaded 'Jab Koi Baat' and 'Hona The Pyaar' together. So the video naturally has stretched long. 

Or, watch directly here:

Such love!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

A year ago...

Before i proceed, have you checked my last post? My books are now in Kuwait. You can check here.

Day: Sunday. Actual time for this write up:  Sunday night

While searching for some inspirational book quotes this evening, i stumbled upon one which took me to the journey of an entire year, from July 2017 to July 2018 almost instantly. It happened like a flash. Click and the whole year was presented to me. The quote started with: A year ago...

A year ago, i recalled vividly, i was struggling to get The Shadow of Darkness published. There were just so many small things about it that were proving to be mountains on the way of my dream. i was deeply stressed. Had lost hope many times. i remember that when i was filing for ISBN at Raja Rammohun Roy's (Indian ISBN agency) website, despite of every single thing filled rightly and up to the mark. it was not accepting. i was highly flummoxed! i was also in talk with an author who told me that he was able to submit the form immediately. Not only did he help me with the process but he also navigated me how to obtain ISBN. The whole thing was turning out to be quite frustrating. He was troubled too. i tried so many times but at the end, no result. i had lost hope completely because i didn't want my book to be out without an ISBN. ISBN is like a face to a book. It gives the book an identity. Anyway, i lost hope and then we moved to Kuwait.

i was also doing my guitar practices though making a full cover of a song was unthinkable back then. A few short videos from my guitar class were uploaded on my YouTube but doing the proper set up and creating a full song was impossible for me. i just did not have that kind of confidence! My vision was pretty much limited. i could play many chords. In fact, i was quite efficient at open chords but struggled deeply with barre ones such as F, G etc. No matter how much i tried, barre chords made sure to give me a tease with their formation on the fret board. Back then, i was simply content with holding guitar, being able to play a few songs in portions on it and probably giving out a couple of stage performances in my society on the eve of new year. That'd be all. 

A year later...

Monday, 9 July 2018

It's Never Too Late' and 'The Shadow of Darkness' now in Kuwait.

Finally! After months of waiting, my books are here.

The happiness of seeing my books moving countries with me is matchless. You can find them in any Jarir since Jarir is the only bookstore here with 4 chains across the city. It's also HUGE!

These pictures are taken just last Saturday. In the same weekday, my books had already donned the shelves but since i wanted to share the news with me in it, i had to wait. My family and friends congratulated for such achievement. They are delighted to finally see my books here.

Friday, 6 July 2018

You never know.

i am writing this blog post from my kitchen. Why? Pressure cooker is on the stove, eggs are being boiled in a different pan...can't afford to leave the space for longer. So why to waste time waiting for the whistle and getting eggs done?! Besides, working in a standing position gets you burn more calories. This time, weekend calories you can say.

i have been itching to write a blog post since this morning but when i woke up, for unknown reasons, the mood was sour. Slept alright, dreamed alright (or that's what i would like to believe) yet... 

i was actually lookin' forward for today's morning because kid was out for his sport academy and hubby was out meeting an acquaintance. i had the privilege of a perfect morning with a huge slot of free hours. Well, what do you know. Pickin' up a quote from my book - It's Never Too Late - plans can backfired. Or, something similar to that.

The blogger portal was open and my head was on the wall resting and thinking the turn of events. Eventually i ended up updating my blog with the latest guitar cover i made a few days ago. If you're the first time visitor to my blog, let me inform you that i am doing an Atif Aslam Special series on my FB Musician page (Like!!) and YouTube (Subscribe!!). The cover i posted this morning was the song #8 - Pehli Dafa. 

Anyway, sat down and since i am no fan of idling time away, i practiced for the next cover. Let me tell you a secret that the immediate next cover is ready to be uploaded. Made the same evening of Pehli Dafa but let a few days pass and it'll be there to watch. Yeah i know! i work hard on my guitar.

Atif Aslam Special Vid #8: Pehli Dafa

The song starring Ileana D'cruz and Atif himself. It's quite a melodious song. The most fascinating part about this song is, the beat pattern that appears in each sentence. i've tried to cover that and so far, it has turned out to be one of my favorites.

Listen. The song is as much of a pleasure to listen as it is to strum on a guitar.

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Watch on my YouTube. Subscribe for more...

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Treadmill and i: The on and off relationship

Do you know as you proceed towards the end of weekdays, your mind subconsciously signals to rest more than usual? It happens because weekend is around and weekends do mean vacations. The mind interprets vacations as The Rest Phase and often signals you to skip the hard work i.e. work outs, job routine... After all, Fridays  (in case of Middle East countries, Thursdays) are not called The Least Productive days for nothing. :)

This morning i too was in dilemma with my work out. Eventually i did. In fact, i did 15 mins more than other days.

i grew up into an environment where work outs were always considered a must in thoughts. In thoughts. It was never reciprocated in actions. My childhood years were spent with everything normal sans a fixed work out regime.

Now when you are on the pebble grounds of  growing years, your mind skips constantly to get in a shape. It adopts everything quickly, mostly the routine. It gets designed according to the type of routine you follow for each thing. For example, i still like my morning and evening teas with biscuit. For me, tea and biscuits are soul mates. i can't have one without the other unless, of course, i am somewhere outside where controlling choices is out of option. 

In the same fashion, when i grew up to be an adult, my mind for fitness was already molded: Not a regular thing. It's in the last 6-7 years that i've been training myself to get into a fixed routine for fitness.

It's challenging, you know. Re-shaping old habits, the routine, the ambiance inside your head about it, to focus more on Yes than become something you were naturally nurtured to be not!

i go through these tiny battles often. That is why my relationship with work outs has been on and off. There are days when i am determined like anything to go about it and then there are days when each nerve of my body feels the pressure of gravity more than usual days. i snooze.

While in a few relationships, you can't decide whether to focus on patch ups or break ups, in the case of my fitness routine i do know where to incline my focus exactly: patch ups. On those days when i am silently cursing myself for letting mornings slip away without work outs, i still know that we will come around. Once again. Later if not sooner. After a month if not tomorrow. But we will come around for sure.

As i am growing older and the number of grey hair filling my head like shooting stars in abundance, i feel a new awakening for my fitness routine. i now feel deeply that it's a responsibility, and not an option; that whatever happens, work outs shouldn't be missed! Like everything, it should get done too. There are chances that all these years of training might be juicing out in positive result. And who's the best buddy to help me with this?

My treadmill. i have one at home.

Like guitar and writing, i have no idea how much i adore treadmill. Almost 4.5 years back when doctors in Bangalore restricted me to not to jog on cemented pavement any further, i was suddenly deprived of my favorite work out. That's when i inclined to the treadmill of our society gym and since then, the love for this tool is just growing day by day. 

Jogging is a freeing experience. It instills such strength (mental as well as physical) and positive vibes that's hard to miss. i love that!

When i started my treadmill session this morning, it felt so nice after sometime, the usual energy and determination slowly coming back to me and before i could know it, i ended up doing extra 15 mins today. i always pair my treadmill session with several Yoga poses afterwards. i just can't withstand any other machine. i lose out on patience with them surprisingly quickly.

Let's Start, and not skip

So today counted more than the previous days of this week. Because i stepped up to the challenge, listened to Yes, won the battle, hammered away the process of molding a bit harder...whatever happens, i know an important aspect of my life is insanely incomplete without my treadmill.

It holds so true. Days when you feel like doing work outs and then you do matter but not as much as the ones when you feel the opposite and still you do.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Atif Aslam Special Vid #7: The Roller-coaster

The best way to enjoy your fav singer is to make the cocktail of a few of his/her songs and come up with a melodious shake. In my case, it turned out as The Roller-coaster!

Have included 41/2 songs: Jeena jeena, Tu jaane na, Pehli nazar mein and Bakhuda. the half song is O sathi from Baaghi 2. Only 4 lines from this borrowed because i have already made this song's cover previously in the series. Watch O Sathi Baaghi 2.

The whole performance took me quite sometime to figure out all the details and once i did, it was like sun rising for me. No more dark grumpy clouds, zombies screeching around, mysterious short, i overcame the horrible experience until i finalized it. Hope it has turned out nice.

Next will be up soon. Subscribe to my YouTube and my FB Musician Page. If you do, you will feel the instant burst of gratitude somewhere in this world.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

We all can do with an EXIT or ESCAPE button.

Before i was a writer and guitarist, i loved to spend my leisure slot either in star gazing or reading books. i still love doing both but now that i am handling two jobs at once, unplanned free time comes as a lovely surprise to me. If you can roam around me as a ghost in such situation, you'd definitely find me lunging for my guitar or writing something, a blog post or my stories, an out-of-the-blue poem or anything that puts me to write... But i truly hope you don't come as a ghost.

Hubby and kid are out for a birthday party. i stayed back largely b'coz i am not well acquainted with the host. i had a tickle somewhere back in my head that i might feel out of space, out of line. And anyway, i have stopped enjoying parties unless it belongs to someone close to me. i just somehow now prefer to stay at home, working or watching TV. Mingling with the crowd is growing a bit difficult for me. But my blessings are with the b'day boy. And i hope that matters the most.

So i utilized the time making two covers on my guitar. Yes! T.W.O. Two. If you have been following my recent blog posts, you'd know that i usually work on more than one song on my guitar. i have made the covers. Still need to see how they have turned out. EDITING is the biggest headache. It consumes my time like a pig its food. If the second one has turned out nice, i wouldn't have to do the set up, sit again and play. If its otherwise, i'll do it again. That's my job, that's my fun. Nothing is too much when it comes to writing and music. Is it?

It's actually nice, working on something that makes me happy, smile mostly. Just this evening hubby said that i need to smile; that i don't do it much. i said grunting (again) that i am now an old grumpy woman. Can't smile much!

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Do our children not deserve a chance to question God's existence?

As a normal parent, you must have given your kid a chance to have a say in almost everything. Like which flavor ice-cream do you want? Or, where do you wish to go for summer trip - Disney land or the near by zoo? Which color - blue or green? Jurassic world or Incredibles 2? Barbie or Dora? Hair clip or beads? Skirt or boots?

But have you ever given a choice to him (let's pick a gender for the sake of ease) when it came down to god/s? Or, you have instilled your belief in him already? 

This morning when i was busy making breakfast, my husband and i got down to discuss myriad of things and somewhere down the aisle of beliefs, i walked him into a question that why does he tell our kid to be positive about God's existence when it might not be true? Why our son, unlike other times when he gets to choose, does not get an option of not believing in God? 

Needless to say, that gave birth to a good debate. He debated saying he does not do it while facts says otherwise. i have seen him telling mythological or God-related stories to our son that only leads to one thing - God exists! But i also agree that his actions are innocent, borne by default. Like parents do generations by generations. Tell there is god and forget the rest. Who has the time and energy to understand the nuances and finding out logic? It's way easier to not question than to juggle with many at once, isn't it?

While i am not against of what my son believes in, i surely am watchful of his choices. i am an atheist but that does not prompt me to sit and instill my beliefs in him. Just like other times, our son must get a chance to understand what God is and whether does he exist. But before he gets to that, who are we to lead him into believe in His existence or non-existence?

Before your eyes go round and round and jaws drop to the ground, let me debunk the myth once again. Being an atheist does not make me a non-believer. It makes me a different kind of believer. i believe in nature, humans, relationships, karma...i believe in myself. i do not need any debatable characters (no offense) to draw strength from. i see a seed and i believe in life. i see myself grow and i get stronger. i have good people around and that's more than enough. i see kindness and i believe in humanity. i see evil and i believe in goodness. i bear consequences and i get careful of karma. i fall weak and relationships hold me. i see calamities and i believe in peace.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

You set your own limitations.

Found this image this morning, thought it to be perfect for sharing across my pages. 

When you decide to share a quote, it's largely because somewhere, you are able to relate with it; somewhere you nod a little inside your head and that's what prompts you to go head and express that sliver of agreement with others. You also wish for others to be able to if not relate then understand at least.

When i read this quote, there was not a little nod but a big one. YES! i can relate with this. i could relate because, somewhere i found my childhood years slipping into the curves and between the spaces of these words. This quote reminded me what my childhood was like. i too was told that i could never do anything right. Worse? i could never do anything at all!

When i was doing my own share of expansive research on Childhood Trauma for my latest book The Shadow of Darkness, i stumbled upon Child Abuse. CA is of 5 types: Physical, Emotional, Sexual, Child neglect, and Exploitation. i covered each topic quite feverishly. i also devoured Online abuse. 

When i went through emotional abuse and understood the minuscule levels that it takes place on, i came to understand that i too have gone through this when i was small. People, with whom i spent almost my entire childhood, they were always rejecting me. Belittling, ridiculing, ignorance, controlling, snide remarks, pretense, manipulation...these were all the part of my almost daily life. As a small girl, i could never understand what wrong had i done to annoy them so much, or, what could i do to make them happy? All those years i kept thinking it was my mistake. but when i read about emotional abuse, i understood that what i had gone through was a trauma that lasted several years, and also that it has a name. i understood so many aspects of my own personality that was hidden in the wraps of time. Suddenly the picture was much more vivid, revealing the truth on my face.

i had blinked. With tears, helplessness, relief...finally i got to place another puzzle of my life in its right place.

Those people always made sure that i never grow into a confident and talented girl. And for 90%, they managed to made me believe in the same too - that i can not do anything in life and that i cannot become good at anything at all.

Friday, 29 June 2018

I Heard It Too! - A short movie

i have known this guy since a few years. He is quite younger to me, charming, energetic and enviously passionate about his dreams. We got in touch because we share a passion for guitar. He also loves my books. In fact, very recently he filled my name in the section Who's your favorite author while filling out a form. That's how confident he is! Little secret? i was flattered.

This guy is none other than my handsome nephew Rashi whom we fondly call RB. He carries his dream of becoming an actor like we carry our mobiles. Wherever he goes or whatever he does, his dream of acting is always with him, coaxing him to do better, pushing him everyday an inch further to create better. In his endeavors, i am quite proud to say, he has got successful. His first EVER (short) movie has come out - I Heard It Too! It's a trailer but the whole movie will be releasing soon, he has promised. 

Watch. It's horror. Don't scream in advance. If i can watch without one, you can too.

Watch on YouTube: I Heard It Too!

That's my nephew on the cover. Isn't that exciting? 

It's so inspiring to see him working on his dreams from such tender age. The line he has chosen to continue for the rest of his life, it's one of the most difficult ones i know but does that stop him from going any further? No. i just talked to him yesterday and with the way i found him entangled completely into his dreams and passion, i can say he has found his prince...or princess. A metaphor, of course.

Music is a lot like writing.

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you'd have received the latest update on my guitar. Descriptions are short there but i guess i can do away with a bit more here on my blog. i played a slice of two beautiful songs this eve while having my tea and they turned out pleasant so the eve is now wrapped in a short video:

You can watch the above and guess the movies. Anyway!

i am grateful that i can afford a considerable length of break from my stories and can focus completely to the Atif Aslam Special series that i have been doing on my Facebook Musician Page

You'd think that playing an instrument as musical as guitar is wonderful. Yes it is but sometimes, it becomes a pain. Doing a series is a big responsibility, especially when you do it for the first time. Picking up the song for the week, learning its chords, inventing strumming patterns not to mention attaching the whole performance with little tricks and treats...being creative is too exhausting! Just last night i made a fresh cover in the series . i am also almost ready with the next one. A little practice on picking pattern and then i am all set. So you can totally see i work on more than one song at a time. It's a stress-buster as well as stress-driller. Many-a-times i can't sleep and stay up almost the whole night trying to sabotage the strumming pattern that's too stubborn to fade away. i also have to get up at 5 so you can guess mornings are certainly not the best time to greet me. i feel and walk more like a grumpy old woman who can just burn down anyone by a simple glance. 

The cover that i made last night will be up possibly by this weekend. It's a different kind of attempt that i have tried and that was why it was quite tiring. Have worked on this one more than any other cover in the series. i finished the cover and did not pick up my guitar the whole day today. i was so much drained of energy and efforts.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Childhood Trauma Vid #2: DIY (Deal with It Yourself)

Hey folks! Here i am with the second video in the series based on Childhood trauma. The subject is serious and needs immediate attention. As grown ups, we may suffer from a painful incident happen in our lives which can still be difficult to deal with. Repercussions are on various levels. In order to understand ourselves better, we must come 1-0-1 to the traumatic episode.

To watch the Video #1, click here. Watch on my YouTube.

In this video, i have given away 8 powerful but equally effective tips to deal with a painful memory that belongs to childhood. Watch the full video to find it out or watch on my YouTube.

Do SUBSCRIBE to stay updated of more videos.

Childhood trauma happens on a very minuscule level, sometimes even the culprit and the victim both fail to understand that it's happening. Emotional abuse (a part of childhood trauma) is the most common abuse found worldwide.

According to UNICEF, One in every two children in India is abused.

Does it not make this subject serious enough to be pain attention immediately? Please Share as much as possible. Spread the awareness.

Thank you!

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Video #1: How to help a child deal with Childhood Trauma

Hello, visitor! i am Priyanka and i have started a series of videos pertaining to the subject: Childhood Trauma. This series will have 3 videos each containing significant understanding of the subject under different titles.

The first i have created is above titled as How to help a child deal with Childhood Trauma.

This series is a pure attempt to spread awareness about the issue known as Childhood Trauma, and is not intended for my book promotion. It's an effort to tackle the taboo and bring it out in open.

Please do share your feedback as well as share within your community. It'll be a big help. Thank you!

Sunday, 3 June 2018

'The Shadow of Darkness' on 20% discount!

Yes! You have heard it right. My latest book is now available on 20% amazing discount. For this week only. So get your copy today. Or, gift someone a good read this month to make them owe you one.

Buy on Amazon: The Shadow of Darkness

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The book is about Sejal and her extra-ordinary journey of dealing with the monsters of past and demons of the present. Don't worry! The story also has joyous aspects to look for - loving supportive family, resilient friendship, love etc.

The genre for my book is Fiction/Thriller. Thrillers are good to write. It pushes you to think further than what goes on surface. i have received many good positive reviews on Amazon for it. If you happen to buy it and read it, please do submit your review there. i'd love to read and respond. Yes! i do respond to the reviews posted. i appreciate every review and good positive reviews motivate me to work harder and do better.

Have a good day.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Money v/s Relationships

Which one of the above is more important?

With money comes various privileges and comfort.

With relationships come struggles, complications, sacrifices, 
and other such heavy baggage.

With money comes luxury.

With relationships come responsibilities.

These days and as i grow along with my experiences, i am failing now than ever to understand this rivalry. Just to be clear, i am talking about others' stand on this. i know myself like the back of my hand. 

i see people sucking their own loved ones with money and precious assets without a tinge of remorse, trying to lead a life like a king and still wanting more. Their hunger for money does not seem to satiate at any amount. They ask as if it's their penny and pounds they've earned. Why, i don't know. If you won't liked to be total scooped out of your assets then why doing the same with others who have earned the right to own their money? If you fail at your job or making an earning, why should others be responsible for that? They made their lives easier and affordable by working hard. They sacrificed precious years in sweat and blood in an undying attempt to make two ends meet. They made it sure at their young age that their family wouldn't starve later.

And not only this, they also encouraged you to do something worth, make a living; handed out options for that, reached out with helping hands and heart full of warmth. Not only did they take care of themselves and their family but also tried to involve you in the process. It was not an obligation. Not a prime responsibility either. They simply did it for keeping the warmth and glow of relationships safe and alive; they did it because they believed in relationships; they did it because they are selfless.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Create a life you would want to live.

In the daily hustle bustle of life, we hardly have time to pause and reflect about the things that we do. i believe that 90% of the chores we commit daily are resourced from responsibilities, peer pressure, obligation, deadlines, projects, family and what not. The rest 10%? We actually never pause and think about it.

That remaining 10% is actually the amount we could spend in doing things that we love. Other chores we cannot ignore. Some are urgent, some are emergency, some are both and some are simply routine but if we take as little as a 5 minute break from everything including family, we can surely figure out the things we love to do. When this important step is covered, we realize that now we have a purpose to each of our days and nights. We stay no more zombies or battle soldiers going about the routine. 

We can take some time out and create a life we would really want to live.

This concept helps when we grow old, have no job pressure, family responsibilities are declined in number, may be have a couple more bucks to be able to travel the world on barefoot (i'd prefer a comfortable slipper though if not something fancy), have some time to fill that empty vase with fresh flowers, greet an uncle, meet an old friend, make a new one, eat more cake, laugh a little more, frown a little more, no more worries of grocery and future... 

In short, when we gain the right to have some time for ourselves, it better has some beauty in it. In those golden beautiful days, we can sit and live a life that our younger self has been creating since long. 

It's not tough though, to create a life we want to live, i mean. We just have to be more mindful from now on and be more attentive to free times. Read a book, pick up the brush, write, doodle, invent, make a club, join a club, be more outdoorsy, see the world, write 5 things you'd want to have when you grow old (or may be 3. It's good to have a short list), own a pet (i know i want to own a dog but i am afraid i won't be able to take care of it as much as i'd like to), grow a garden, attend a class/workshop (never be shy of learning), watch stars and be your kind of astronomer, learn a new art, cook, make evenings useful instead of spending them being a couch potato...see! There are just so many things that we can do today to create a desirable life later.

Just think about it. i am sure you'll get your head round it.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Caught in a loop.

she was kinda caught in a loop
round and round in circles
corner to corner
brick to brick
beginning to the end
back to square one
caught in a loop
with no fire escape
designed or plotted 
or even dotted
the perpetuity is dizzying
retching every single thought out
letting the guards down
swallowing the poison 
letting the insides pound
she wants to stop, 
gosh! she knows she wants to!
but how? how? how?
that's the question 
blaring at the walls
floating in the air
resonating in sound waves
palpating in every kinda taste
how? how? HOW?
the question doesn't stop
it never does
it goes on and on and on
and on and on and on
and that's when it begins again
a loop with a secret beginning
but with no ending...

Monday, 28 May 2018

The other way round.

This morning returning from the hospital, i put my head back on car seat with my eyes covered thickly with the handkerchief. The burning sensation was quite strong. Again. 

As i focused on my problem, my husband on the driving seat continued with the conversation. Somewhere in the middle of that, he said,

We are lucky to be born in India. It's such a beautiful country!

i my head but wanted to say or rather, ask one thing,

But is India lucky to have us? Have we done anything for our beloved country?

Okay, it's two questions. 

But kept my mouth and eyes shut. Not all the time thoughts should mingle with air particles allowing them to travel through sound waves letting the person-in-vicinity get affected by the simple curiosity. Besides, the morning was too bright for my liking. My eyes were still burning too much. i didn't say anything at all and waited to reach home and make some tea. The craving was strong. i was on 12 hours fasting for some tests after all. 

Yeah! i know. i think too much.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Third Perspective.

Sitting on my bed almost an hour ago, i was browsing my WhatsApp, checking on people's statuses. It's a good time pass. Sometimes, it's a simple boring flight but sometimes, precious pearls of wisdom bring forth turbulence making the flight interesting. It happened. The latter. i bumped into some wisdom, a third perspective to be precise. 

It's my house help's status that made me pause to reflect a smile soon after. 

Remember the scenario where we are often asked whether the glass is full or empty? Well, my HH's status provided the third - It's Both. 

Regardless of those struggles, running errands, and competition all over, life is beautiful but at the same time, it's not as much as satisfactory we want. 

Really liked her words. So i shared on my social media. 

What's your Word of Wisdom for today?

Happy weekend though.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Mother's Day special: A kid like ours

Our kid has joined Royal Cricket Academy here. He is passionate about the sport beyond words could ever say. Whether he sleeps late night or doesn't at all, the guy has to get up early in the morning every weekend to attend his sessions. His dedication and craze for the sport often inspires me.

It's cricket tournament going. Turns out, RCA is not the only academy here. There are four others as well. Yester-evening it was Semi-finals. RCA V/s MG 7. Let me tell you something about the latter. MG 7 was at the number 2nd in the list while RCA was number 3rd. So they are naturally a strong team. i was dreading the match. We all were. Chances of RCA to win was bleak yet we hoped for the best. i even made two pla cards to swing around during the match, much like the ones you see on TV when there is a cricket match happening in stadiums. One had 'Go RCA!!!' and the other had 'It's A Wicket!!' i thought to make these just to boost up the team spirit. With a match such as yesterday's, they were going to need it.

Anyway, we won! Yes. RCA won! And it was such a stellar show by the team. Be it batting, bowling or fielding, every moment was nerve-cracking, filled with adrenaline rush, prayers and Yaaays and Noooos. i was fortunate 'cause i got to swung my pla cards at many moments. RCA did really well at the crease (first inning) as well as in fielding (2nd inning). They took all 10 wickets of MG 7 leaving them to only dream of victory.

Later on, it was quite a celebration under a daze of happiness and winning though i felt a little bad for the losing team. They are only kids, come on. It was Under 12 match by the way. 

The best part? Our kid got the Man of the Match. First, i never thought RCA winning and being my kid rewarded with the honor of MotM, that was whoa! It is his first tournament and first winner's cup ever! He will get it tomorrow, on Finals day but he got to pose with the big board of the prize. As bowler, he handed over 7 runs in 3 overs and grabbed 3 wickets. As batsman, he scored 30! Ain't that rich and classy?

Friday, 20 April 2018

O Saathi (Movie: Baaghi 2) Guitar cover/tutorial

But before i put the next cover, listen to the latest one. 

Say yes to No...

...if you must face it.

This morning, i was working on a song on my guitar as the next number in the on going Atif Aslam Special series on my guitar page (like, share, some Atif love) and YouTube (Subscribe to add guitar magic in your life). i played it for my husband and after a few lines, he just shook his head and said that it wasn't sounding quite melodious. In other words, the strumming that i have crafted to go along with the song did not work for him at all!

Just yesterday i had played this whole song to my kid and he loved it. He said that i am playing it quite classic and that he liked it. i was elated. And without me knowing, that moment had set an expectation of listening to some more positive feedback from my husband too. But guess what? i am not an ice cream seller. i can't keep everyone happy. 

Nevertheless, i felt down. i wanted my whole family's big thumbs up before i put this song cover up. Regardless, i played the whole song to myself, as a part of practice. Whether someone likes it or not, i am going to use the same style of guitar playing and make the cover. Because i too like the way i play it.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Keep going...

After practicing guitar during the day and maintaining the two hour class for the same in late evening, serving dinner, tomorrow's breakfast and lunch preparations (by the way i am still clueless about what veggie to cook for lunch), filling up hot water bottle, sorting out a few rather important stuff, i am now on my bed tucked in the blanket ready to work on my story. And suddenly, i feel so exhausted, so drained up! i don't remember when was the last time i actually sat for a minute without worrying about my writing or guitar. Tonight it feels it's just too much at the moment to take but what to do? This is the constant war i have chosen for myself. i have no option but to keep at it.

i didn't say any of the above to my family. i anyway realized this evening that i have turned into a boring person. My husband kept cracking jokes this evening and i just couldn't respond. fact to be shared (just between you and me), i was getting agitated at his constant humor. May be because i was expected to respond suitably and smile or laugh or something like that but i was failing. Before i could kill myself, i (almost) ran to the kitchen to make tea, finding a safe haven where i could hide my smirk. And then it hit me. i have turned into an utter boring person who has forgotten to laugh at jokes. i pitied my husband silently thinking what person he has married to for the lifetime. 

i need some motivation so before i started on my story, i filtered net for some optimum motivational quotes and i found one. And then i posted on my Instagram. Here is the quote that helped me to keep going.

Well, i don't remember why i started out but since i am on this path, it won't do any harm to keep going. Writing is helping even if it is a little blog post before i jump into the sea of thoughts in desperation to catch some pearls of wisdom that can help shine my story line more than anything in this world. 

Monday, 16 April 2018

One thing that i miss being in India

i finished working on my story almost an hour ago. The whole day i was leaned into my laptop until my kid came back from the school. That was the pre-determined cue of i am done for the day! thing.

The day has been charming in and out. It was sunny but pleasant in the morning but as the magician unwraps his more complicated tricks by the end of the show, the weather too has become more inviting, beckoning one to sit with a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy the sight. Have a look. i just clicked a few moments ago.

How i wish i were in India? In the sea of things, i miss my terrace  in India during such evenings. 

There, i'd often go to my building terrace with tea cup safely secured in my hands, all the while praying no one to interrupt me on the way. Once there, i'd just get lost in its charm. The shade of the sky would turn darker, stronger, more intense. It'd often be the binge of a crazy painter splashing hues of gold, orange, blue, saffron smartly tinted with a bit of blue. Those sights used to be so beautiful!

Old habits die hard.

As i put the tea-dipped piece of biscuit in my mouth before beginning to write here, i was already decided what subject to write on today, this morning, Monday morning. It's 13:04 there in India but it's 10:35 here in Kuwait. i am sitting on the ground over the carpet having breakfast with tea. The box of my favorite biscuit is beside me. It's a small moment but beautiful enough to inspire the writer in me. 

If i tell you the truth, it's becoming a challenge to meet my writer side these days. Since the time i have picked up pace on my guitar, all i want to do is to keep playing songs after songs until the muscles in my fingers or neck snap or either of the strings give up. i sometimes play for 5-6 hours, non-stop. No. i do stop. for a few seconds, only to re-adjust my neck position and look at the skin under the nails in my left hand. The new skin has now made its appearance quite impressive for the area has gone smooth but tougher, sturdier, ready to tackle hours of challenges. 

Pinch me with a guitar talk and i start running in some different galaxy. i totally forgot for what subject i was here to write about. Sincere apologies.

So my tea is now half and breakfast is finished. As i sit on the carpet, on the floor, it feels good. Have you ever sat on the ground and ate or talked or may be watched a movie craning your neck all the way up in the direction of TV? It feels good, to sit down and then have breakfast and write. It's one of the ancient habits. These days, we prefer to sit mostly on sofa or table-chair but resuming some of the old habits makes you feel nice, makes you feel connected with yourself. 

Let me see how many other old habits i still pursue in daily life. i drink warm water with honey (and sometimes with lemon) as first thing in the morning, something yours and my grandmother would peacefully agree on. 

i keep the windows of my house frequently open during the whole day till it's evening. sometimes i do it at night as well. Here the whole of the house, buildings, malls, and everything manageable is air conditioned. So windows and doors are packed all the time if you don't step up for the good cause. i am not used to of living like this, in an enclosed house with no flow of air and sun light. My house back in India is so welcoming to these. So i keep opening windows quite frequently here. Old spirits living with me must be happy and relieved getting fresh air.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

A faceless, shapeless, endless poem.

No one deserves sadness
No one deserves loneliness
even when things are in bad shape
might as well you too
still, there should be a glint of hope
love, strength, happiness;
where the world around you expands
the one inside you collapses,
leaving you to feel brittle and naive
with legs too wobbly to walk,
too weak to follow a simple trail;
you may have called it a Golden Phase
where there is all the learning
harsh bitter cutting learning
as essential to you as a soap to your body
meant to cleanse, intended to purify;
but as the process begins and proceeds
turns out it's not easy
to drain all that pollution of you
to get rid of the dirt
the mud, the slime, the streaks of black holes;
it's difficult, you know
goin' through the process
it's rude, merciless, insensitive
might as well be a killing machine
'cause at one or the other point
it makes you think of quitting;
things that inspired you to keep breathing
faces that showed it's worth living
promises that held your pieces together
the Hope that was supposed to stitch those wounds better;
but as time slides away,
things stop working, faces turn away
promises tear you further apart
the same hope urges you to stop living;

Tere Sang Yaara (Rustom) Full Cover+Tutorial

Monday, 9 April 2018

Relationships - heart or head?

Relationships are meant to play by heart. The day you start using the head, they are doomed.

You must have read it somewhere too. Guess the world is a little bookshelf where two people indeed can read the same book. Or, may be we both have the membership of the same library.

Anyhow, it's a wise quote/thought to live by. Outside the four walls of home, you have to be on constant alert, contemplating each step, calculating each word spoken, listening to unsaid and reading the hidden. It's a treacherous world out there, i have heard it too. But once you are within those four walls, you can be yourself, original, pure, totally uncompromised.  Your family, friends, siblings...these all are the people who give you enough motivation and help you in fighting the world outside. How could you not love these people? How could you possibly work by head when heart is so filled with love for them? Admit. You are even ready to be called too sentimental. If that's what takes to show them your love, so be it. 

But may be head too should be working, you know. Heart is all the time busy pumping blood to all the organs, filtering good blood from bad blood, fighting against your smoking habit, working over-time all the while loathing that insane drinking habit, the endless things to stress over...the heart might as well be the housewife of the body. Working all the time and yet gets nothing worth in return except diseases and attacks, not that these are healthy to work for. It's a nut job, heart. You now understand how most of the housewives feel. No offense.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

i'll forgive but i'll stop being friends with him.

i was about to settle to play guitar when i received a phone call from the vice-principal sir of my kid's school. i was on alert immediately thinking what happened and whether my kid is alright.

Turned out, there had been a scuffle between my kid and his friend out of which my kid had to lose out on his spectacle. The other kid punched on his face and it fell down on the ground and broke in two pieces. Now the VP sir wanted to know what do i want to do in such situation, since this was an incident involving body hurt and the damage of a property. i listened and said, with a relief that my kid was alright, to let the matter go. The kids already have their punishment by the amount of guilt they must be going through. VP sir seemed to be alright with this and allowed the matter to mellow down but not before giving out a strict warning to both the kids.

It was his version. i was anxious to listen my kid's. Once he got home, i inquired. He said he did snatch the ball in the game but his friend punched him on his face and hence, his glasses broke. The school authorities has glued it together with an adhesive. Now it's in one piece, don't know for how long. We gotta go fix it nicely.

The other boy who hit my kid is actually a good friend to him. Even my kid has been wondering why did he go aggressive like that without any sort of apology later on. My kid accepted his responsibility in the incident (that he was snatching the ball) but his friend refused everything outright. It was not acceptable, for me. i asked what will you do now. My kid said,

i'll forgive but i'll stop being friends with him.

Dil Diyan Gallan (Tiger Zinda Hai) Full Cover Guitar

Friday, 6 April 2018

Learn to play music. It's awesome!

And by this, i don't mean tapping the play button in your mobile neither on your stereo. Certainly not surfing channels on radio either. 

What i mean by the blog post title is to learn some instrument to play. Anything you pick. There is a sea of choices to dive in and come up with one. i play guitar but i am lucky because it chose me instead of the other way around. i now play it and it feels so beautiful! Even though i am still a learner and in much early stage yet i try and practice every day. One plus one everyday will make me a rockstar one day. Day dreaming, i know.

By the way, i am about to upload my latest guitar cover on my Facebook Musician page (click) and YouTube channel (click click) for Dil Diyan Gallan from the blockbuster movie, Tiger Zinda Hai. When i play this song, i feel alive. No wonder tiger feels the same way. Lame joke, i know it as well.

But have a preview first. Soon i'll update the cover.

Thankfully, this time the thumbnail showing up above is not embarrassing. i look happy. It's the magic of music. Learn an instrument. It makes you happy and strong. 

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Which one do you want to have - good or better?

They say, believe that whatever happens, happens for good. Life must have better things in store for you.

But who said you wanted better? May be you were happy with the good. Don't the other section of they say that be satisfied with what you have and be grateful for it?

If these two sections of they ever sit across each other on a table, they can stir a good debate.

This world has lots of confusing things to offer. In order to clear it, we have to become nitpickers and surf for what's suitable. Good or better, it's actually worthless talking about. 'Cause we have no control over it. If we have good, yay! If we have better, double yay, possibly? 

For me, sometimes it feels like i was good with the good, you know. Like when i was in India. i liked being there. It gave me a sense of belonging. Being in India was good. Now i am in Kuwait. If i open up the virtual register of past months' events, i can easily say moving to Kuwait has been great. My second book came out (by the way, did you order? not yet? Go back, Simons! or whatever your name is) and now both of my books are in the process of getting here. It'd be nice to see them on shelf here. 

Links to order my books are on the right side of this blog by the way.

Taken a few moments before, just about finalizing this post

Friday, 23 March 2018

Welcome video and O mere dil ke chain on Guitar Gorgeous

So this is the Welcome video i posted on my Facebook Guitar Page: Guitar Gorgeous

If you don't know what the page is all about, you can click the name as well as watch the above video and that shall be enough.

Now coming back for the updates, i have recently made a video on ever-so-famous song - O mere dil ke chain, from the movie - Mere jeevansathi. Hope i have pulled it off nicely.

The thumbnail looks awful but i am sure my playing isn't.


Sunday, 18 March 2018

Guitar Gorgeous: A new venture

It's Sunday and thankfully, i have a great news to add to the fun. i have created a Facebook page for my guitar practices. The site will hold a collection of songs and tutorials (done by me), Guitar Gorgeous quotes, facts about it, moments of my life with guitar and the similar stuff. Check it out:

i am in love with guitar since i was very little. When i had reached the age where i could join classes, i had gone to the only institute that was home (and still is) for various instrument lessons. May be they were not very keen on getting students or there was something wrong with my face, the guy i had talked to there told me straight away that learning guitar is quite a tedious practice and can easily take 2-3 years. He did not even encouraged me to try a little.

i was disappointed. Like many others, i too had assumed that like fabric painting, guitar too could be learned in a short span of time but years? i started to have doubts about my passion. i thought may be it was a time phase where i have fallen for a guitar instead of a guy. So i came back home and never saw the door of that institute. 

Years went by but i don't think my fascination for this particular instrument ever died or even faded away. Or else why would i keep looking for guitar tuition or an institute wherever i lived/moved? May be the universe does answer to your constant quest. It was some morning of the year 2015 and I was in Bangalore home on my swing. i had taken the newspaper in my hands when a pamphlet slipped out from between its pages. i casually picked it up and found that it was about a guitar class. The location mentioned was not familiar to me. i called up my husband and asked. Turned out, it was merely away by a 5 minute drive. Now all those lost moments and years started to pile up together and i decided to try. For the first time, i was going to see a class where i could learn to be with my first crush (my guitar, of course. have you not figured it out yet?). i went there pretty soon and just like that, i was enrolled. 

Two factors played key roles:

1. It was insanely nearby to my house, and 
2. It was pretty affordable

Awesome, isn't it? What else did i need? A guitar, you smiley face. So i asked my teacher, Mr. Prakash Chhetri, to buy me one. i asked for Red and he got me a red colored guitar. i can't begin to explain the happiness when i had held my first ever guitar in my hands. it was like being in the arms of your lonnng lost love with a promise to never depart. Sorry for the cheesy liners. 

My first guitar

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

What makes 'The Shadow of Darkness' special?

Books affect its readers. But it also affects its writer too.

While writing The Shadow of Darkness, the journey had come together in a bunch of surprises. When i was done with my previous work - It's Never Too Late - i knew there would be a sequel to it. As the creator of Maya and Sejal, it'd be unfair of me to leave Sejal's side of story, her struggle, issues she might face and overcome, and finally the life she would make out of everything, on the side curb.

In one of my recent interviews, i was asked what's the hardest part about writing. Not surprisingly, i responded with thinking is the easiest while setting it up on the paper the way it's been rolling inside head is the hardest. When i had started writing The Shadow of Darkness, i felt my response of the interview question magnified to another level. Writing It's Never Too Late was easier than penning down The Shadow of Darkness the way i wanted this world to know Sejal and her story. To begin with, i had to come close to the much hushed topic called Childhood Trauma.

Sighing and lifting my sword up, i jumped into the battle field. It was either do or die. i really did not have any choice. So i researched. A lot on childhood trauma. i kept exploring books and internet pages. The horror of real life trauma stories had started to shake me within. Plug in your internet, bring Google to life and make it chase stories on Child Abuse (a type of childhood trauma) and you will find endless pages colored with the blood of child abuse victims. i still recall a case vividly and i remember how i had trembled just reading it. It still sends me into shock. What those people did with the barely a month old baby was cruel, inhumane, a pure torture. That baby had fought bravely. As i kept scrolling down the page, tears too continued rolling down my cheeks just by imagining the baby's plight. Finally that baby died. And so did the torture. Hospital people said he fought bravely against those bruises, lacerations, sexual abuse and torture. i still feel the hatred towards such people. 

Above and many more cases of childhood trauma i have explored during my research. i now see the subject with a wider lens, where it is no more a myth. Childhood trauma (and abuse) exists! And so do the people responsible for that baby and many more kids.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Hawayein Hawayein from Jab Harry Met Sejal

After so long, i've made a video of me playing my guitar and finally have posted a new video...freshhh video. Below it is. i totally love the song! Easy and beginner friendly. You can learn it in no time. i have shown how to play it. Hope it helps. If you like, do Like and Subscribe my channel as i will soon be posting another song soon!

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Stand by Tough Moms - by All Out

Today a video was shared. Millions of videos get shared every day every hour, i know but this one i got to watch. It's been released by All Out (the mosquito repellent company in India). It is called Stand by Tough Moms. The entire narration is impressive.

The background is the age old mind set. In-laws accusing the girl for a small thing her kid has done. One by one - the mother-in-law, the sister, the aunty, even the husband - nulls her decision to keep her child hungry as punishment. The girl stays silent suffering bullets of insult. Because she knows. It's her decision. Let people say what they have to. The only person coming in to support her decision is the father-in-law. When he flips the coin of perspective and validates her decision, everyone stops dead in silence. Suddenly, the fire-pitted words are ashen and angry faces look pale. It's the other matter if the girl had chosen to speak herself, no one would have paid attention.

i have no complaints when she stays silent. Not all the time you are obliged to speak up your choices and decisions. Sometimes, it is best to let the silence prevail. Voicing out can be taken as you are trying to justify yourself and hence, your perspective becomes null and void. Silence can symbolize confidence.

Why i am focused on exam scores.

When i was in India last year busy running my Pick'A Book Club - For Kids in the society, there happened many-a-times when a kid has asked the meaning of an English word and i had found myself thinking over how to explain that emotion or action in exact words. Kids these days usually understand the meaning of an English word if you describe them in English. In such predicament, my kid would come to my rescue and fulfill the job perfectly. He would describe the asked word so precisely in English that i could not help but smile.

The purpose to write such prologue is to say that sometimes, kids help you to pinpoint something that you may have been searching to explain in exact words. You know what you mean but fail miserably to explain the motive behind it.

Not two hours ago happened the same thing. My kid asked me a question with a request as prefix to not to get offended by his curiosity. i said alright and go ahead. He asked,

"Mumma! When you got 80/100 in your Guitar exam, you were profoundly delirious. But when i score 70+ in exams, you don't feel the same way. In fact, you don't appreciate the result much. Why is that so?"

Although i continued to finish the chores, i fell silent nonetheless. The Q. was indeed worth pondering.

i am a kind of parent who does not push her child to score the highest in the class. Instead, i always focus on the line of attention and knowledge yet i would ask my kid to score better next time. He has always been one of the most brilliant students in the class. But recently, i could see the changes.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Parents! Be a exam warrior.

It's exam time. No. It's not scary. It's only a exam. Be prepared, be ready and keep your senses together.

And i am not talking to my kid or anyone else's. i am talking to parents. When it's kid's exam time, it's parents' too.

As a parent, i know it's stressing. Kid has to do best in the whole class. His 5th std. grades are going to decide his future. His 6th std. shields are the trailer of our future status in society. His 10th results have the capability to make us feel pride or shame and when it is 12th exams, it's like our heads are kept under the executioner's blade. Why are we parents so panic-stricken in relating kid's exams to our life? We feel as if our breathing depends upon the teachers' remarks.

Only it's not the case. Exams are only exams, a short term testing period not only for kids but for parents as well. How well your kid is going to perform largely depends upon how well you, the parent, is prepared in advance. Follow a few tips to be an exam warrior, just as your kid might be feeling these days.

Study regularly

It's the tip that can't be emphasized enough. Once the kid is back from the school, allow him to relax for sometime. Let him watch TV, read a book or play with friends. It's essential! After a fixed play time, get him back to his studies and no, you are not allowed to leave. As a parent, it's yours responsibility too to sit with your kid and help him study. Follow finished and unfinished chapters. Teachers' remarks in the diary. Let the kid revise what's been taught in the class and pepper him with the benefits of studying new chapters/fresh portions in advance. Be gentle, all the while.


Talk to your kid about studies, classroom and friends, teachers' behavior, anything special happened in school, new principal, rules and guidelines etc. Topics related to school are endless. Pick many and get to know how your kid is spending the big chunk of his time outside the house.